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(Jesus Kollyadem)

Born in the city of Monterrey, one of the three main cities of the country, in northern Mexico. Constituents raised in the colony of Queretaro, one of the most
popular 80& 39;s and 90& 39;s, due to the large number of young people grouped in bands.

Is the colony, the neighborhood and natural interactions with other children, adolescent and youth,...

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(Jesus Kollyadem)

Born in the city of Monterrey, one of the three main cities of the country, in northern Mexico. Constituents raised in the colony of Queretaro, one of the most
popular 80& 39;s and 90& 39;s, due to the large number of young people grouped in bands.

Is the colony, the neighborhood and natural interactions with other children, adolescent and youth, where it grows and pulls Kolly, first as a promoter of his own voice through the graffiti, then the mural and easel painting ideas that challenge launched , proposed and outlined concerns and sensibilities of a generation that has been called the generation "X".

Finding the voice of the "other" and yours, is making space for you to meet and interact as a cultural promoter, first independently and
then supported by various institutions, with various youth groups, previously marginal to call them, are "other" with a counter proposal and diverse cultural and ideological.
Diverse youth populations, such as anarcho-punk movement, groups "Colombians," kids banda (Mexico - Spain), young graffiti artists, squatters, young juvenile offenders and a group of indigenous migrants Otomi Mazahua Mixtec nauhas have been groups that worked.

At the same time that is involved in projects and activities of the plastic, combines his formal training with basic studies of graphic arts and academic education in the area
pedagogy, which gives theoretical and methodological tools that allow you to enrich your community work. In 2002 the Graduate Inter held in Youth Studies (University of Lleida, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Universidad de Girona, Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Catalonia Spain).

His experience in community with young people from diverse backgrounds, status and identity thus leads him to propose a strategy of working within an institution
social development, to meet different types of stocks in one of the poorest areas of the city of Monterrey, as well as in the city of Barcelona, thus achieving an integrated team with specific areas and established strategies that are successful in obtaining positive results within the community.

Achieve a combination interdisciplinary plastic teaching, coupled with life experience with vulnerable young people, along with various skills in the area of cultural promotion and community work has allowed increasing experience and capacity to serve youth groups.

His experience has given him the ability to lead the young people& 39;s natural groupality to the actions and projects that impact favorably on themselves, so
as new elements that will enhance channeling proposals to be on par with the moving and changing society of our time.




Parrandearte. Jacarandas 915-4 San Nicolas de los Garza NL

September 5, 1999. (Home Address)

Paint - Punk. Café Tattoo, Aramberri s / N between Cuauhtémoc and Jimenez. Centro Monterrey, NL 17 - Dec - 2000.

Oh the sweet smell of Wednesday. Multipurpose room Arcana Nancy Cardenas Disco, Ruperto Martinez 431 pte. Monterrey NL 23 - May - 2001

The Okas of Shadows. Café Tierra Libre. Matamoros 929 between Diego de Montemayor and Allende, Barrio Antiguo, Monterrey, NL 24-July-2008 The terreny of Utopia. Diari, Passeig del Prim 13, Reus, Tarragona, Spain 20 - January - 2009

In The City (blanks). - 931 Maya Bar Matamoros, Barrio Antiguo, Monterrey NL 14 - August - September 14, 2009


-First Creative Youth Expo. Bodega Turbo blowers Fundidora Park Monterrey NL December-1995

Prime Plastic Youth Encounter. Organized by the Ministry of Social Development and the State Institute for Youth through its Youth Voice November-1996.

Collective Exhibition St. Nicholas Paint Solo. Pergola Cultural Center. San Nicolas de los Garza NL Febrero1996.

Art-A-Wrap. Edificio Monterrey NL Civic Action (Collective) in April 1997.

-INBA CEDART-Alfonso Reyes. Junio1997 Student Group Show.

Art-A-Group. Workshop Free expression of NL Exhibition Hall of the Cultural Center of Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila. July-August, 1997.

"Proposals" Workshop Art-A, Federal Government Palace, Monterrey NL in August, 1997.

-Art-One. House of Culture Villa de Santiago NL Octubre1998.

Plastic-Second Meeting of Young, Hall before 30. Museo Metropolitano de Monterrey. March, 1999.

- "Second Hanging Artwork Competition" Ciudad Guadalupe Cultural Center. Julio1999.

- "International Print Biennial in Novosibirsk", organized by Novosibirsk Museum of Russian Art. September-28 October-28 1999

The 1st exhibition "La Esquina" Community Cultural Center La Esquina. Heriberto Jara s / n. Col. Constituents of Querétaro. San Nicolas de los Garza, NL May 2000

Kalle Lliure - Antro Mayabrije Konfuziao CultuBar, Matamoros 931, Barrio Antiguo, Monterrey NL October-November 2008

4th Sierra Madre Art Fair. Center for the Arts I, Monterrey, NL 6-April - 07 -May-2009

THE WOMAN. Kolors Montana Gallery, Barcelona, Katalunya, Spain. 23 - 01-2010

5 th Art Exhibition Hall Sierra Madre .- Las Ventanas, 10 floor building parking Dr. El Norte
Coss 226 Nte., Between Washington and Modesto Arreola, CP. 64000, March 2010 Monterey NL

ARTS .- The Kopera, Old Town Monterey NL May 2010

Kopera Kopera .- The Art Gallery, September 2010

HorrorFest 2010. Kopera CINTERMEX October 2010 .-

Kalle .- Kopera the Art Gallery, January 2011



PACMYC .- Project "Mural Painting Experience, Tales and Legends"

Edition: 1997-1998, 1998-1999. CONACULTA. DG Popular Culture.

Millennium III Corporation 2009, Project: "The Wind Karrucel." Residence in the Rural Institute of Art in the Mirador del Jucar, Albacete, Spain.



More than 100 murals painted between 1997 to 2008, among them:

Mexican legends. 2m x 50m, the TELMEX Offices, San Nicolas de los Garza. 1996  

Tribute to Guild Chicalero. 20m x 10m, Civic Center. Galeana NL 1997

Unidentified 15m x 6 m .- Community Cultural Center La Esquina. San Nicolas de los Garza. NL 2000

Taniperla Replica Mural. 2m x 8m. Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain 2001

Behind the Silence. 6m x 30m Youth Center of Social Adaptation. Escobedo NL 2002

My people - My people .- 9m x 12m Municipal Library, General Teran, NL 2004  

A Quixote in Júcar .- 2.30mx 8m. Alcala del Jucar, Albacete, Spain. 2009

Fighting the wind .- 3m x 10m. Casas del Cerro, Albacete, Spain. 2009

Mestizaje: Two Races a Culture. 1.50mx 2.40m DYD LOW RIDER, Barcelona, Spain. 2009





Company Raul Font shorthand. - June to September- 2009





3 º Festival - "Palavreiros - World Poetry Day:" For the unity of the people through poetry "

[-] jesuskollyadem. html


andar21.net - poetic Network Magazine

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